The Costanza Family history of quality meat products and exceptional customer service began in 1946, when my father, Phillip Costanza opened a meat market on Central Park, in Rochester, New York.
In 1955, my dad moved to Clifford Avenue, and established “The House of Costanza” and business flourished. More customers, more orders, and more sausage forced us again to relocate to accommodate our growth. Finding an empty lot just a block away, on Clifford Avenue, my father built our new Italian sausage factory and retail store.
He made Italian sausage for our personal use, and for family friends who wanted to serve Italian sausage at parties and for special occasions. Soon, the requests for sausage increased from family and friends to commercial level customers, as more and more people heard about our product. We needed a larger place to do business.
My brother Peter, was discharged from the military after service in Korea, and decided to join my Dad, as a partner in “The House of Costanza.” After the death of my father, and a long time desire to enter the business of catering, Peter, continued operating “The House of Costanza” as a very successful catering business. He catered to many of the Rochester business establishments until his death in 2002.
How do I fit into this history? About 20 years ago, as an avid hunter, I decided to make venison products from my quarry. I used the garage at my home in Webster, N.Y. and installed the equipment to smoke my venison products. It didn’t take long for history to repeat itself. When my friends tasted my smoked venison, they asked me to do the same for them, and my new business venture began.
And what a success it has been. It was this success that required my move to the much larger Basket Road location, Tony Costanza’s International Sausage Shop, where I continue to process venison for hunters who come from all over western New York State, as well as other areas of the country.
And where I have expanded my product line to include the same quality Italian sausage manufactured by my father Philip, and my brother Peter, along with a variety of home made cold cuts and a variety of sausage products made from my own recipes.

And where I continue to maintain the same quality customer service for which the name Costanza is known. We offer, not only the best quality of meat products, but also the best tasting meat products.