Thanks for choosing our sausage shop to supply you with the highest quality sausage around. We use only the finest ingredients and we take pride in maintaining a
sanitary facility for your safety.
It is very important to us to maintain customer satisfaction.

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Our Care Sheets are downloadable and ready for print. The files are in PDF format. If you do not have Acrobat Reader click the image to the right to download the program.
Please do not use any zip-lock style bag to store sausage. The airspace in the bag will
freezer burn your sausage or meat products usually after one month.
Fresh Sausage Products: (Italian Sausage, Wine & Cheese, etc.)
If you plan on freezing the fresh sausage then follow these instructions:
Remove sausage from white paper and tray (save paper you can reuse), wrap tightly in saran wrap (do this twice), then rewrap in white freezer paper.
After 2 days in your refrigerator you should freeze sausage to ensure quality. If you have a vacuum sealer place sausage on a baking sheet and put in freezer for about a hour to get the sausage firm. This way, when you seal the bag it doesn’t push all the sausage contents out of casing.

Smoked Sausage Products: (Hotdogs,Kielbasa, etc.)
Follow the same steps as above. These are already cooked so they can be left in the
refrigerator a little bit longer then fresh sausage.

Slim Sticks, Salami, Pepperoni, & Smoked Hungarian:
These are smoked and dried products. You want to let these products breathe. Please do not put in plastic bag or seal, but do place them in refrigerator. If you would like to freeze; portion and wrap in saran wrap tightly two times and FREEZE. White freezer paper over the top of the saran wrap will further protect your package.
When removing from freezer always remove all plastic wraps and let them breathe in the refrigerator. They may dry or jerky if left too long, but they will not spoil. If you do not remove the plastic wrap they can spoil or mold.

Bulk Breakfast Bags:
Bags are ready for your freezer. The night before serving, take bag out of the freezer, and place in the refrigerator to temper enough to slice by morning.
Please Note :
Home vacuum sealers will substitute for saran wrap! When vacuum sealing,
sausage products will last months longer.
Please call us if you need any additional information, we will be happy to help!